18 comments on “52 Weeks – Week 1 – Countryside

  1. Very evocative of a wintry day in the countryside. Lucky you to have such scenic landscapes near to hand. Great decision not to crop. I agree both the puddle and the diagonals leading to the trees make such a difference. Nicely seen and photographed.

  2. The light is astonishing–and it’s caught again in the puddles. The composition is also first rate with the furrows acting as leading lines drawing the eye up to the finely delineated trees that sit on the horizon below that luminous sky.

  3. Fab shot. As previous posters have stated, the leading lines to the line of trees really leads the eyes. The sky is beautifully captured. Great start to the photographic year ahead!

    • Thank you!!!! Much appreciated!!!!
      I will try to spend more time taking photos this year….

      I am participating also in a self-portrait project where I am quite busy at the moment taking photos of my ideas concerning the first monthly topic: Mirror

      That sounds easy but it is quite difficult for me because I don’ t like to be in front of the camera…..so that is quite challenging….

  4. Ditto to all of the above — I really like how far back in the picture that our view starts, seeing the puddles in the foreground, the furrows/lines leading to the trees in the distance. I also like the brown/blue complimentary colors in the image.

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